Where You Been?

📅 28 November, 2018

⏱️1 min read

I've been sleeping...

Well that's a nice way of saying #busy but all the same it has been quiet around the Blog front for several reasons (which I will not bore you with).

First things to note that there's a new blog layout. I noticed a little static site generator called Gatsby which is built with React. I'm not programmer but I like the way it hangs together. Plus Ghost was becoming a problem with the way I hosted it on Azure... This all took a little while to migrate the posts until is found...Contentful which is a really clever bit of kit. I have for many years been publishing stuff and every time I up sticks and leave a blog or cms tool I end up having a post migration headache. Hopefully that over for now and best of all this setup is free! FREE I TELL YOU!!

On the research front, I'm pleased to be involved in a pilot of OpenEHR for NWIS, and will be all guns blazing on that. It will (fingers crossed) fuel my PhD also.

I also have the pleasure of bringing the first Interoperability Symposium to the UK. If you follow me on Twitter, or have had to put up with my musings in person you will know that I am passionate about health interoperability. There was an avenue to hold a live discussion on the perils and pitfalls of interop and I thought it would be a worthwhile venture. Head over to Interop.Live for a free ticket.

Finally I have been selected as the first NHS Wales Informatics Service Bevan Exemplar and I'm proud to represent NWIS. I'll be working on a clinical modelling project in the coming months and will no doubt be sharing my progress here. For more information on the Bevan Commission, check them out here.

Now I'm pleased to announce that normal service will resume shorty... ;-)